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Here are some more tips that every English language student should take note of:

Think about what you’re learning! Find out what works and what doesn’t. If you don’t understand something, ask the teacher.

Experiment and take risks! Try out different ways of learning vocabulary, stick with what suits you best. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. The person that never makes a mistake will never make anything!

Be patient! Nothing happens overnight. It will take time and effort to become proficient in English, and there will be times where progress is slow.

Do your homework (literally)! Apart from your lessons in the classroom, study in the evening and at weekends or whenever you get the opportunity.

Effective time management! Use your time effectively. On the journey to/from the office listen to a podcast or read an article in English.

Be organized! Make a learning plan and stick to it. If you don’t put the hours in studying don’t complain when you don’t get results.

Be as accurate as possible! Quality not just quantity! Using English frequently is good, but it’s not enough on its own without checking accuracy. The good language learner is concerned with both communicating and doing so as accurately as possible.

Use technology when it’s available! In the last few years there has been a quantum leap in technological aids for learning English. There are numerous free language training apps that can be downloaded on to your cel phone. Take advantage and quicken your progress.


20 de outubro de 2016

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